Cocktail Hour

  Cocktail Hour is an important part of your wedding day! Don’t forget about giving your guests something to munch on while they wait patiently to meet the newly wedded couple.

At Edith’s Catering,  we offer several different options for cocktail hour.  Trays of various fruits, cheeses, veggies or breads offer an easy low cost alternative to horsd’oeuvres or served horsd’oeuvres.

  Trays are the most affordable option.  We use 16 and 18 inch trays.  They will be placed in a specified location.   The next step up would be making displays with various seasonal fruits, veggies and cheeses at a designated location.  This is a great option if you are looking for a stunning presentation. This option is typically priced per person.

Fruit Tray

     Horsd’oeuvres can be either set up at stations or served by our staff.  Some favorites include sliders, antipasto skewers, bacon wrapped scallops, sweet and sour meatballs and cocktail Frank’s wrapped in puff pastry.  This option is priced per person and clients usually choose 3 options.  Contact us today for our current prices.

Summer wedding cocktail hour station
Display of bruschettas

Remember, Cocktail hour sets the tone for the meal! I always recommend choosing your entrees and sides before choosing the cocktail hour menu. That way we can tailor a menu that makes sense and leads into dinner nicely.

Chicken Noodle Soup

It’s so cold outside here in Northeastern PA. I’m thinking and planning for the up coming wedding season and the warmer months ahead! The days of sweating our behinds off as we lug catering equipment across lawns and through barns… working tirelessly to make sure our clients have the best food and unforgettable memories.

As wonderful as all of that is, I am really enjoying being a hermit, renewing my energy, and well..eating…everything and anything…but loving this chicken noodle soup and how it is warming me up!

Classic Bruschetta

Made with summer tomatoes!

It is January here in Northeast Pa, which means we are in the depths of winter produce, which is without a doubt depressing to some degree.   Bruschetta is such a beautiful hors d’oeurvre when done properly.  I am extremely partial to using only summer sun ripened tomatoes, but if you are stuck in the off-season, any good red ripe tomato will work.  The trick is getting the flavor to compliment the tomato.   For me, there is no greater joy than the taste of fresh basil matched with summer garden tomato and balsamic vinegar.  Am I right?  And yes, the grocery store produce isle can give us enough flavor this time of year to give us a bite of summer.    —Shauna

Vegan Entree

Are you or your fiance vegan? Check out this great vegan friendly entree that will look stunning and taste even better.    This vegan Wellington is filled with sweet potatoes, red beets, quinoa, brown rice, mushrooms, onions, and garlic.  The red wine sauce served with it pairs beautifully and created a full tasty dish that even pleased my carnivorous boyfriend!   



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