Blackberry Appetizers

Brie, almonds and raspberry filo cups

I love this particular appetizer we created for a wedding in early June.   Brie and almonds, topped with black raspberry sauce in a filo cup.  Sweet, savory, and creamy all wrapped into one.   We heated them up on top of a ceramic plate so that the cheese would melt ever so slightly, allowing the creaminess of the brie to come through.  Something like this will be unique enough to keep your guest intrigued and wanting more!    The filo cups are very versatile and can be used in many different combinations.   I do tend to favor the blackberries.  They are such a decadent fruit, the richness of color and depth of flavor allow for a stunning display for catered events.

We really enjoy this blackberry chia seed pudding at home, especially during summer months.   We use frozen blackberries, red beets, chia seeds and coconut milk so this is incredibly good for you and tasty!    For a party, we could do a “serve yourself” station for dessert, giving your guests a smoothie-like treat to go with the cake.   I feel this would also work as an appetizer for guests to enjoy because the sweetness is subtle due to the earthiness of the beets.

Blackberry chia seed pudding

As the season progresses, I will continue to add blog posts with new ideas as well as insight into what other brides are ordering and how well their guests have responded to the menu.





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